Agnesia Agrella

Is a systems designer and consultant who facilitates change in her client’s lives and in their business.  She supports leaders in facing their biggest obstacles and uses specific processes to clear their paths to greater prosperity and wealth.

Agnesia is an original.

Her passion lies in the construction of environments that support healthy business systems, and healthy lives. She has a Bachelor’s in Economics, a Masters of Business Leadership, and carries certifications in Accounting, Physiology and Craniosacral Therapy. She’s consulted for many industries, and developed over 100 workflow systems. Agnesia has been involved in dozens of construction projects from large manufacturing plant build outs, all the way down to two of her own homes.

Agnesia is one of only a few people in the world who can lay claim to such complementary credentials. Her unique interests helped her designed processes for one of the largest paper manufacturers in the world, and 6 of the largest banks in the world, including Bank of New York, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland.

She was born in South Africa from Afrikaans and Portuguese parents, but she now lives and work in Edinburgh in Scotland.

Agnesia believes that each business is a system as complex as that within the human body.  When a body’s systems work well, it is healthy and when a business’s systems work well, it makes lots of money.

Just as everyone has a body, so too do they have a business that they must take care of. From the entry level corporate employee, up to billionaires like Richard Branson, everyone is engaged in the business of making as much money as they want.

Agnesia combines her knowledge of the human body, construction, and her knowledge of business processes to create extraordinary environments for people to make extraordinary amounts of money…

Why not you?