Business Systems Designer

Business Systems Designer

Agnesia is a Business Systems Designer and Entrepreneur who is passionate about customer service and providing value to customers. She has lead various large change programmes in manufacturing and finance industry and has experience in all areas of the business and project life cycle.

With her extensive knowledge and understanding of the interdependencies between business processes, and data she develops business operating models and adds value by documenting business processes in various modelling tools to bring all stakeholders to common understanding of of business processes that is contained in the operating model of the organization.

Her strengths are facilitating and leading diverse teams to link to their team focus to operating model using technology and finding solutions that best suit business needs and requirements.

Her openness to share her knowledge creates collaborative teams that focus on finding great solutions for any business problem. She constantly expands her knowledge in her field to understand how new technology can benefit the business area she works with.  To learn more about how to take your business systems to the next level. 

Standardise your process, systematize your business and monetize your systems.