Property Investor – Ben Chai

With almost three decades of property investment, Ben has in-depth experience in commercial property, HMOs, multi-lets, buy-to-lets, leasehold and freehold properties with a focus on the UK market.

From a property management perspective, Ben is adept at management, maintenance, refurbishment, rental and tenant management. From a property finance perspective Ben is skilled in acquiring angel, and institutional investment.

Ben is a unique individual who is able to think beyond the confines of conventional property thinking.  His “out of the box” perspective, coaching and mentorship has helped him and the people he has coached to create substantial property portfolios and has personally built his own multi-million pound portfolio.

Ben is the author of Social Magnetism: How to Have Fun Building Meaningful Relationships with Brilliant Business Minds.

In this Interview he shares his secrets how to have fun while making lots of money!!!!


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